DataGrip and Azure SQL Server Active Directory – HowTo

I Did It! I really like JetBrains products. I use DataGrip all the time in my role as a DBA. I’m in the process of switching our company over the Active Directory logins and wanted to take things for a spin. Being that most of my work is done on a Mac, DataGrip is pretty […]

Typescript, Unit tests and AWS Lambdas – Part 1

I admit it. I like it. I’ve taken a keen liking to developing with Typescript. Especially combining it with AWS Lambda functions. I don’t tend to jump on the newest development fad bandwagon, but my job took me down this path. And I’m glad for it. I still won’t give up Java™ as my favorite […]

Beyond The Code – Lessons Learned

Learn From My Mistakes. Or don’t. After one has developed a few large applications, lessons tend to be learned. The kind of things seasoned pros shake their heads at and retort “welcome to the club.” Things a lot of us learn the hard way, even though we’ve been warned. I thought I would share some nuggets of developer […]

Programming – Fantastically Frustrating

dI Thought I Wanted To Program… When I was a kid, I wanted to be a programmer. My dad bought a Tandy Color Computer II and I couldn’t tear myself away from it. I would program it in Tandy Basic every chance I had. I was 5. The original Nintendo Entertainment System was released to the […]

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