Teaser: Azure Data Factory Tutorial

If you’ve read my previous two posts, you know I’ve had some issues with Azure Data Factory lately. But it hasn’t deterred me from using it. I still like the tool.

One thing that has been difficult is the lack of good tutorials on using it (or maybe I just can’t find them). Microsoft has documentation, but it isn’t terribly useful when you need to figure something out quickly.

I am going to be writing a series on how to use it. It will be a multi-post endeavor with a public GitHub repository to play with. Honestly, I wanted to use GitLab, but Azure Data Factory doesn’t play with that. Which makes me sad.

The content is already in the works. I should have the first one up in a few days.

While you wait, I’ll share a tool I’m using to put it all together: Mockaroo. I’ve used this a lot to generate test data sets. They do a fantastic job at it and allow plenty of customization. The free version is completely usable and fantastic in my opinion. That link isn’t a referral. I’m simply giving them a shout out because they’ve made my job easier. And because I like to share useful tools!

November 4, 2019 Cole Kelley Cloud No Comments